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18 april 2017

Åtte vanlige faktorer når ateister slutter å være ateister

C.S. Lewis ble tidlig ateist. Du kan lese om hans omvendelse til kristendommen i den selvbiografiske boken "Tatt av gleden" - "Surprised by Joy".

Jeg anbefaler varmt artikkelen "Why Atheists Change Their Mind - 8 Common Factors" både for ateister, tvilere og troende. For alle som tenker, rett og slett. 

Artikkelen er skrevet av Matt Nelson og er publisert på den anerkjente Word on Fire Blog, den katolske biskop Robert Barrons blogg.

Her er de åtte faktorene med en smakebit fra hver av dem:

1. Good literature and reasonable writing

"Reasonable atheists eventually become theists because they are reasonable; and furthermore, because they are honest."

2. "Experimentation" with prayer and the Word of God 

"The Word of God is living. It has power beyond human comprehension because it is “God-breathed.” God speaks to man in many ways; but especially through prayer and the reading of the inspired Scriptures. When curiosity (or even interest) of non-believers leads to experimentation with prayer or reading the Bible the results can be shocking, as many converts attest."

3. Historical study of the gospels 

"Lee Strobel, the former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and author of the influential work, The Case For Christ, is a prime example of what happens when an honest atheist sets out to establish once and for all whether the claims of the Gospels are reliable or not."

4. Honest philosophical reasoning 

"Philosophy means “love of truth.” Philosophy is meant to lead one to truth; and it certainly will, if the philosopher is willing to honestly consider the arguments from both sides and follow the best arguments wherever they may lead." "Pope Leo XIII had written in the 1879 encyclical Aeterni Patris that for scientific types who follow only reason, after the grace of God, nothing is as likely to win them back to the faith as the wisdom of St. Thomas" (Thomas Aquinas, min anm.)

5. Reasonable believers 

"Consider the notable conversion of former atheist blogger, Jennifer Fulwiler. Her journey from atheism to agnosticism and—eventually—to Catholicism, was slow and gradual with many different points of impact. But encountering intelligent believers in God was a key chink in her atheist armor."

6. Modern advances and limitations in science

 "Antony Flew was one of the world’s most famous atheists of the 20th century. He debated William Lane Craig and others on the existence of God. But eventually his recognition of the profound order and complexity of the universe, and its apparent fine-tuning, was a decisive reason for the renowned atheist to change his mind about God’s existence."

7. Evidence for the resurrection

"Modern historical studies have left little doubt about what the best explanation is for the alleged postmortem appearances of the risen Jesus, the conversions of Paul and James, and the empty tomb: Jesus really was raised from the dead."

Og så min favoritt:


"The great theologian, Hans Urs von Balthasar, wrote: “Beauty is the word that shall be our first. Beauty is the last thing which the thinking intellect dares to approach, since only it dances as an uncontained splendour around the double constellation of the true and the good and their inseparable
relation to one another.”

Father von Balthasar held strong to the notion that to lead non-believers to belief in God we must begin with the beautiful.

Dr. Peter Kreeft calls this the Argument from Aesthetic Experience. The Boston College philosopher testifies that he knows of several former atheists who came to a belief in God based on this argument.

In classic Kreeftian fashion, he puts forward the argument in the following way:
“There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Therefore there must be a God.
You either see this one or you don’t.”

Lyst til å lese mer? Les hele artikkelen "Why Atheists Change Their Mind - 8 Common Factors" her på Word on Fire Blog. 

"So often we forget about beauty!
Mankind thinks, feels, makes,
but is in such need today of beauty."
Pave Frans

Bildetekst og foto: Pavens Instagram-konto, @fransiscus

Det sanne, det vakre og det gode

Det er tre ting som trekker alle mennesker mot Gud: Det sanne, det vakre og det gode.

Artikkelen "Why Atheists Change Their Mind - 8 Common Factors" fokuserer mest på det intellektuelle, på sannhetsperspektivet. Det gjør den på en god måte, men artikkelforfatteren har visst ikke helt fått med at Gud også trekker til seg menneskene gjennom godhet/kjærlighet, ikke bare gjennom sannheten og litt skjønnhet.

Mennesker trekkes til Kirken og til den kristne tro - til Gud - gjennom både det sanne, det vakre og det gode. Noen tiltrekkes mer av det ene enn det andre. Artikkelforfatteren Matt Nelson har nok sannheten som sin hovedvei til tro.

Gud møter oss der vi er og lokker på oss med alt han har og er. Den éne Kirken er for alle, derfor tiltrekker den seg alle slags mennesker på helt forskjellige måter. Her kan du lese mer om min vei inn i Den katolske kirke.

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