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17 november 2015

Den hellige Elisabeth av Ungarn - helgendronningen som lagde skandale i kirken

Den hellige dronning Elisabeth av Ungarn var viden kjent for sin omsorg for de fattige.

Kirkehistorien er full av sterke, inspirerende kvinner. En av dem har minnedag i dag: Den hellige Elisabeth av Ungarn (1207-1231). Få med deg Pave Benedikts fortelling om henne.

"Today I would like to speak to you about one of the women of the Middle Ages who inspired the greatest admiration; she is St Elizabeth of Hungary, also called St Elizabeth of Thuringia…Despite the fact that political reasons had determined [Ludwig and Elizabeth’s] betrothal, a sincere love developed between the two young people, enlivened by faith and by the desire to do God’s will. On his father’s death when Ludwig was 18 years old, he began to reign over Thuringia.

Elizabeth, however, became the object of critical whispers because her behaviour was incongruous with court life. Hence their marriage celebrations were far from sumptuous and a part of the funds destined for the banquet was donated to the poor.

With her profound sensitivity, Elizabeth saw the contradictions between the faith professed and Christian practice. She could not bear compromise. Once, on entering a church on the Feast of the Assumption, she took off her crown, laid it before the Crucifix and, covering her face, lay prostrate on the ground. When her mother-in-law reprimanded her for this gesture, Elizabeth answered: “How can I, a wretched creature, continue to wear a crown of earthly dignity, when I see my King Jesus Christ crowned with thorns?”.

She behaved to her subjects in the same way that she behaved to God. Among the Sayings of the four maids we find this testimony: “She did not eat any food before ascertaining that it came from her husband’s property or legitimate possessions. While she abstained from goods procured illegally, she also did her utmost to provide compensation to those who had suffered violence” (nn. 25 and 37).

She is a true example for all who have roles of leadership: the exercise of authority, at every level, must be lived as a service to justice and charity, in the constant search for the common good.

Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience (October 20, 2010) 

Henne skulle jeg gjerne ha møtt! Rettelse: Henne gleder jeg meg til å møte!


Her på kan du lese St. Elisabeths biografi

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