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fredag 24. mars 2017

Sagt om bønn av Johannes Gullmunn

HIMMELANKER: Bønnen er et anker - som når helt opp til himmelen.
Foto: Tom Gill/Flickr Creative Commons


Det finnes mange glitrende sitater av kirkefaderen "Johannes Gullmunn" (den hellige Johannes Chrysostomos). Her er ett av dem, om bønn:

"Prayer is a refuge for those who are shaken,
an anchor for those tossed by waves,
a walking stick for the infirm,
a treasure house for the poor,
a stronghold for the rich,
a destroyer of sicknesses,
a preserver of health.
Prayer keeps our virtues intact and quickly removes all evil.
If temptation overtakes us, it easily drives it away;
if we lose some property or something else, which causes our soul grief, it removes it.
Prayer banishes every sorrow,
causes good humor,
facilitates constant well-being.
It is the mother of the love of wisdom.
He who can sincerely pray is richer than everyone else,
even though he is the poorest of all.
On the contrary, he who does not have recourse to prayer,
even though he sit on a king's throne, is the poorest of all."

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